How to Manage Multiple WordPress Websites Easily?

Multiple websites necessitate you to update individual themes and plugins and to keep a record of everything from regular backups to core updates. There are several services for WordPress that makes handling of this issue simpler and help you save a significant amount of time as you make everything easily manageable.

This content should, therefore, help you run the best services on the WordPress market to enable you to be able to manage several websites without necessarily having to open each of them individually. Therefore, the following are the best tools that will enable you to manage multiple websites built with WordPress from a single dashboard.


This is a highly powerful WordPress website management tool that is optimized for developers, agencies and freelancers. It allows the management of several sites for free. Nonetheless, the free version is very limited as it manages WordPress plugin, core updates and theme. This will give you an opportunity to build on demand’ site backups, although you will require a paid add-on to help you store on remote’ storage location.

The efficiency of InfiniteWP is mostly unlocked by the use of the premium plan. This may include the paid features such as staging website, easy website, malware scan, migrations, client’s reports, public posts, managing comments, clients reports, uptime monitoring, 2 factor authentication and many more.

It also gives you a chance to white-label the plugin through customized branding to enable your clients to identify you through your logo instead  of InfiniteWP. It will successfully allow you to Install the WordPress Management tool directly from your site. It can also be installed through cPanel, the plugin installer, or through a manual upload on your server. This, therefore, assures you perfect control over the website you intend to manage.

iThemes Sync

iThemes Sync is a highly powerful tool for WordPress management. This is created by the famous creator of  BackupBuddy plugin. It offers at least 10  versions which you can use freely. Free version gives you an opportunity to manage the WordPress updates from one dashboard.

iThemes Sync gives paid plans that allows you to access the uptime monitoring, user management, client reports, integration and security by use of BackupBuddy cloud storage, the Google Search Console and so forth. It also boast of an interface which is so easy to use hence making the site management easy.


MainWP is a WordPress site management tool offered freely and at the same time supported by the paid add-ons. It is offered as admin plugin which you can successfully install on the entire site you intend to manage. MainWP is provided with a simple update management, security scanner, uptime monitoring, vulnerable them and plugin scanner, content and user management and many more.

It is also, provided alongside extensions for many WordPress backup plugin such as the UpdraftPlus which allows you to ensure management of the backup as you wish. You will also secure extensions for the bulk upload articles, access control, clients, and so forth.


ManageWP is a freely provided WordPress website management tool. This gives you an opportunity to manage various WordPress websites from one dashboard. The dashboard is usually hosted on the ManageWP website. From this point, you can easily connect various sites through the installation of Worker plugin on every site. The plugin plays the role of a bridge to link the ManageWP dashboard and the websites.

From a single dashboard, you can easily install single click updates on all the WordPress plugins, the core WordPress files and themes. This will give you an opportunity to moderate the comments on the sites from the dashboard of ManageWP. The functionality core ManageWP is provided for free on many sites although they also, offer paid add-ons subscribed on a monthly basis.

The most conspicuous features surrounding ManageWP includes the performance analysis, SEO ranking, uptime monitoring, and the historical logs for different activities executed by ManageWP on the sites. ManageWP provides white-label service which totally hides the branding of ManageWP and enables you to assure your client a user-experience on your brand.

WP Remote

WP Remote assures the simplest method of managing updates on the WordPress sites. This is the most basic WordPress Management tool that comes with a limited set of features compared to other tools. This enables you to install the WordPress updates for plugins, core, and themes. WP Remote can also be used to form backups and successfully donwload them on a computer or have them stored on SFTP or AWS.

CMS Commander

The CMS Commander is a WordPress Website Management tool which is paid to allow you to manage your websites from CMS Commander Dashboard. To have all your sites well connected, you will be required to install the client plugin on every site. It is provided alongside features such as single click updates, 2-factor authentication, custom branding, basic malware scanner etc.

CMS Commander stands out from others because of its content management tools. This gives you an opportunity to perfectly utilize third party sources such as YELP, YouTube, Flickr and other contents which can be added. It can also link you to article spinning services, have a content rewritten and post on multiple websites. For the affiliate marketers, it provides integrations on the most popular networks such as ShareaSale, Amazon, Commission junction and many others.


Managing multiple WordPress sites should never be difficult. If you realize you’re spending a lot of time on the site management, this is the high time you look for a service provider. The tools discussed are some of the most effective tools which can help you manage multiple websites from a single dashboard. Therefore this detailed content should enable you to identify a service provider to manage your site in the best capacity as you concentrate on other businesses.

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