When it is Time to Move Your WordPress Site to New Host?

Getting the best services from WordPress web provider is the expectation of every client using the WordPress. When the customer’s expectation is not met, many people may opt to move from a specific WordPress web provider to a new host. Many WordPress users continue to use some WordPress web providers not because they are getting the best services from it but because they still hope for the best services from WordPress web providers. It is vital to ensure you get the best services because you deserve them.

Therefore in this article, we are going to discuss when it is time to move your WordPress site to new host. To move WordPress to a new host is not as difficult as it may sound because it requires a few easy steps. HostGator platform to help you create a fantastic site with advanced design tools for the best services. Therefore below are the reasons to move WordPress to new host. They include:

1. When your WordPress site get hacked multiple times

Ensuring good security is an essential thing to any website. When there is no proper security for your site, there will be a high risk to the information you keep on the website. Therefore when there is no reasonable security, your website can be hacked and most of your valuable information acquired. When you realize that there is an attempt to hack your site severally, there is need to move to a new host before its late because your information will be at high risk if you do not move to a new host.

2. Too much downtime

When the WordPress web provider does not give you enough uptime, there is a need to move to a new host because the downtime will cost your site it’s potential customers. Here downtime is the is a period when the site is not operational or any period when your site is not available to the users. When the users try to search for your website and get this type of results “The site cannot be reached, or the webpage you are looking for is temporarily unavailable”, many users will end up moving from your website because of the downtime. Remember time is money and therefore you should consider the web host that gives you as much uptime as you need to interact with your clients.

Poor uptime can lead to loss of traffic in your site, miss potential customers and also make your site to look unprofessional. Hence it is essential to make a move to a new web host when you detect poor uptime/too much downtime from the web provider. You need a good host that can go further and hit 99.90% uptime when operating at a minimum. Ensure the web provider is excellent in providing you with good uptime. Therefore you need to measure the actual uptime percentage for your site by using tools such as or Uptime Robot to determine it. Hence if it’s below 99.90%, you need to think of moving your WordPress site to the new host immediately.

3. Overcrowded servers and poor service configuration

Crowded servers are the server which contains too many users and thus making the performance of server to slow down. Too many users in a specific server make it slow, and this is a considerable challenge to the people depending on this web provider. Overcrowded servers can make your site to take more than one second to load tour page. As a rule, when your website takes more than two seconds to load, approximately 30% of your customers will move from your sites because of the slow response of your site. some of the other causes for the delayed response in your site could also be due to:

  • The poor service configuration: Here the server you are using could not be able to support faster PHP such as PHP7. The PHP 7 is believed to be very quick as compared to PHP 5.
  • Lack of strategically placed data centers: The strategic position for placing data centers are crucial because they lead to faster site hosting. When the data centers are not placed strategically, there will be a slow response, and this slows down the speed. Therefore it is essential to consider the physical distance between your servers and the visitors for improved speed. Also running various speed test can be of great help here to improve speed. Hence if you realize that your site is decidedly slower, you can opt for the HostGator for hosting your WordPress site.

4. Customer support does not answer your inquiries

A direct conversation between the web host providers and their customers is critical in providing better services. When good communication is not followed, there will be poor customer relationship between the web host and the user. That is because the conversation between the web host and the user will enhance the quality of the services provided. Through the discussion, one will be able to channel the grievances concerning the web providing services to the host. Therefore when the customer support fails to answer the user’s queries, there is a need to move to a new host.

Therefore it is essential to consider the above four factors because they are the critical determinants for the success of your site to getting high traffic. High traffic improves the number of your potential customers. When the above reasons are not met, you can choose the HostGator for hosting your WordPress site to get the best services which will guarantee your website a great success.

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