Is Link Building Still Beneficial for SEO in 2019?

Backlinks have always stood at the top of SEO since the past. But then, will they still be the key SEO crux in 2019? The quality and sheer number of backlinks that a particular site had acquired over time to have such a detrimental impact on its ranking in search engines. SEO experts have claimed that backlinks are among the important ranking factors along with rain brain and content in their search algorithms.

They have held such authority for quite some time now in Google algorithms and they can greatly help you place your SEO efforts on top for those who are a ready place their efforts fully on them. From studies that have ever been carried out, they are among the key ranking signals search engines employ to rank different sites. So, what can we deduce from this? There is a need for more quality backlinks if you need to move higher in SERPs.

More authority is provided by Google to sites that have many links that point directly to the right from different unique domains. Algorithms employ this means to come up with the most useful content out from the many available. This mean is employed to take out only content that is full of value and that’s what Google likes most for their readers.

Your search engine ranking is your gift from Google from providing readers with the best and unique content possible. The content provider in turn also gets exposure and a lot of traffic that will, in turn, make your marketing efforts successful at large. So, it’s like a win-win situation here since you have to come up with unique content to receive back such an amazing gift from Google.

But then, like anything else, having a chance to be ranked on top of search engines is not as easy as you might think of. There must be consistent outreach efforts for all this to go successful. So, how can this be achieved? Herein are some methods to focus to give you a lot of backlinks to go higher the SERP ladder in 2019 with ease.

Tracking Online Brand Mentions

Keeping a track of different mentions the brand you own receives over the web is something that is overlooked now as millions of people are now on social media. Track keeping of all your online brand mentions will help you turn all these into live links to the site you own. After tracking them, you will just require a webmaster to add your brand mentions website link and also turn it to be seen such a strong backlink.

Guest Blogging

This is actually a foolproof mean to help you earn not only fresh audiences to your site but also quality backlinks. As like any other project, consistency is the key to success, so, guest blogging also needs to be done in a consistent manner possible with different publishers and you will at the end turn to become the top in your niche in your readers’ eyes and for Google at large.

It sounds simple, isn’t it? Many of you can say it’s simple but it is actually not such simple as you think. High-quality content is the key to success, low-quality content can greatly harm you at large. Considering thorough check up on the content quality and domain authority is the key here. Checkup needs to be done prior to submitting any guest post to the readers.

Competitor Research

Instead of checking your website’s domain authority, using these tools can be quite important at large. Considering acting upon opportunities such as quick backlink building by placing a glare at the backlink profile of the competitors around is also important. You will have an opportunity to discover where your competitors are busy posting; you will get to know the directories they have remained to maintain their presence and also the experts who are helping link them to their content.

This can provide you with an opportunity to easily approach the expert publishers and try to convince them also help you publish some content on the topics you require for your readers. You can actually stay steps ahead of your competitors simply by ensuring you get experts to help you publish unique and high-quality content for you.

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