Why Should a Teenager Start Blogging?

If your teen wants to blog, really there should not be any cause for alarm. In fact, your teen deserves to be admired and encouraged for his or her initiative. It is normal that as a parent you may be skeptical about the idea of your teenager starting a blog because of the exposure to potentially millions of strangers. However, the fact is that the numerous benefits of keeping a blog far outweigh any potential dangers. Your teenager is guaranteed of acquiring overwhelming positive experience. That is possible since technology tends to come naturally to teenagers and the activity of blogging provides one of the best ways for expression.

Before you let your teenager start blogging, it is important that as a parent you try as much as possible to understand the blogosphere. For example, you should learn about the different blogging platforms, safety guidelines, and elements of a blog such as headers, sidebars, etc. This will help you know how to guide and adequately support your teenager in the process of blog creation and maintenance. It can help safeguard your child against possible harm since the child is not able to provide identifying information like present location and personal address. Why should a teenager start blogging?

Improve Writing and Communication Skills

The blogosphere has improved significantly and one of the main results is that blogging has become more interesting to bloggers. When a teenager is able to write on the same subject or different subjects regularly, analyze, and proofread her/his writing, then the writing ability will be improved significantly.

Also, through the process of writing, reading other blogs, and reading and replying to other readers’ comments, your teen is able to effectively improve his or her communication skills. Good communication is important for creating a good blog.

Make Friends and Business Partners Online

When a teenager starts blogging, he/she is able to make numerous online friends and business partners. How good and attractive your blog is will determine your ability to attract blog readers and their size. Of course, it is also advised that to gain more friends, you should often share the link of the blog on your different social media accounts.

To attract the attention of business partners online, you have to considerably grow your online readers’ base. You may also attract business partners by also writing and publishing a reactionary post about what another person or professional has written and offering to write a guest blog post. Business partners are important for earning some extra money online.

Make Some Money at Early Age

There are many different blogs out there run by young bloggers of under 17 years of age. Some of those blogs such as SmartBloggerz is run by a 14-year-old teen. These young bloggers are making a little pocket money while still being able to pursue their interest.

Being able to earn money as a teenager is important for learning how to be independent of your parents. Moreover, you also learn that making money requires hard work and takes time and thus the need to spend money wisely.

Learn How to Build a Blogging Business

Blogging has become an online business for most people since it is possible to generate and earn an income. You can profit from your blog by including display ads, selling affiliate products, promoting other people’s content/products, etc. By starting blogging at an early age, you will be able to learn how to run a successful blogging business. You will learn how to set up your blog, build your blog with attractive themes, select the best plugins, craft compelling content, establish a presence on different social media platforms, etc.

Learn New Useful Skills

Through blogging, it is also possible to learn these different skills. You will definitely be interested in the appearance of your blog for attracting more readers. You may, therefore, find yourself learning about blog and web development. Of course, since blogging also involves a lot of reading to expand your knowledge, you may come across different web development blogs.
Marketing of other people’s businesses or products is one great way to earn money through blogging. You can also use your blog to promote your business.

Therefore, blogging can help you learn more about marketing and SEO skills. You can learn how to market your blog and understand the different Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics or techniques such as upgrading, updating and republishing old blog posts. Equipping yourself with the SEO kill is important for optimizing your blog for Google, improving ranking and online visibility and getting more web traffic.


In conclusion, blogging is generally great for teenagers. A parent can make the experience even more awesome and better by constantly providing guidance and encouragement. This can help a teen not to follow the wrong way of blogging and be in harm’s way.

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